10 Best Bubble Machines for Kids, Toddlers and Adults Party

Top 10 Best Bubble Machines
Top 10 Best Bubble Machine

Top 10 Best Bubble Machine Reviews

Image Name Reviews Our Rating Price
1 Automatic Bubble Blower for Kids Portable Bubble Machine, 1byone Automatic Bubble Blower for Kids Review 9.7 Check price
3 Bubble Machine, Geekper Automatic Bubble Blower Durable Bubble Maker with 2 Bottles of Bubbles Solution Refill, Over 800 Colorful Bubbles Per Minute Use Geekper Automatic Bubble Blower Review 9.2 Check price
4 Theefun TBM01 Upgraded Professional Wireless Remote Control Automatic Bubble Machine with High Output for Outdoor Or Indoor Use Theefun TBM01 Automatic Bubble Machine Review 9.1 Check price
5 Theefun Bubble Machine for Kids, Automatic Bubble Blower Durable Bubble Maker, USB or Battery Operated, Over 500 Bubbles Per Minute for Outdoor or Indoor Use Theefun USB Bubble Machine for Kids Review 8.9 Check price
6 Bubble Machine Automatic Durable Bubble Blower for Kids Bubble Machine | Automatic Durable Bubble Blower for Kids Review 8.7 Check price
7 Play Day Red Fish Bubble Blowing Machine Toy Play Day Red Fish Bubble Blowing Machine Toy Review 8.5 Check price
8 Bubbles Hurricane Machine, Betheaces Toys for Kids Boys Girls Age of 4,5,6,7,8-16 Durable Bubble Maker Bubbles Hurricane Machine Review 8.2 Check price
9 Imperial Toy Bubble Blitz Bubble Blowout Party Machine Imperial Toy Bubble Blitz Bubble Blowout Party Machine Review 8.0 Check price
10 CHAUVET DJ Bubble King Bubble Machine | Special Effects CHAUVET DJ Bubble King Bubble Machine | Special Effects Review 8.0 Check price


Bubble Machines - Which one to choose?Can you imagine a party without bubbles? It is not important if it is a wedding, birthday, anniversary, kids party ( bubbles are-must have), or you just have a silent war with your neighbor who likes to compete with you in party organizations, bubbles are the inevitable part of every unforgettable and great party.

When your kids are smothering you to do something that will make their day more interesting, look no more? The right answer is BUBBLE MACHINE. Just sit back in your favorite chair, put the ear-phones with your favorite music and watch the kids having fun without spending any energy on it.

But, when the time for purchase come, you probably will be confused with the wide range of different bubble machines, plastic ones, those made of metal, small ones, big ones, professional or amateur, colorful or those made in one color, those that can be run with electric or the portable ones with batteries…?

So many questions without answers. If you want to find more specific information about the machine that you like, you will have to read a lot of crap to find what you really need.

That is why we are here. With the accurate and necessary information, we will lead you to your right choice.

According to your needs and your wallet, you will be the last one to make a decision but we will provide what is necessary for that decision to be the best one for you.

What kind of bubble machines can I buy when it comes to the run-power?

According to our experience, the best ones are those which have the possibility to work with both, electric energy and batteries. When you are outside and you don’t have the electric outlet, just use batteries, but when you are indoor use electric and save some money that you would spend on batteries. There are some bubble machines that can be powered by USB and we wrote about it in this list ( Theefun Bubble Machine for Kids, the 5th one in our list ). It is always a good thing to have more choices when it comes to a run-power.

Which one bubble machine should you choose when it comes to the design?

Bubble Blower for KidsThis one is easy. The most important thing you should take into consideration is the future owner of the machine. If it is a child, you should buy some colorful machine with interesting design pleasant to a kids eye. You should pick those made of high-quality plastic that is kids friendly and not toxic. This machine should be portable and lightweight.

If the machine is something that you intend to use for parties like weddings, clubs, and stages, you should buy semi-professional bubble machines made of firm materials like metal. These type of machine will be durable and will create more bubbles than the machines made for children.

There is one more category of bubble machines that are included in this list, and we should call it the golden middle. Those are the light-weight machines that have a simple and clean design, more than one choice when it comes to a run-power, they can create a lot of bubbles and have an affordable price.

How long can a bubble machine work consecutively?

If you have the machine run by batteries the length of its work will be determined with the batteries quality. But if it is run by electric it is recommended not to work more than 8 hours continuously. It should rest every few hours in order to have a long-lasting work life. To be honest, you will hardly find a party that lasts longer than 8 hours.

What is the capacity for the bubble solution tank?

This question is a little bit hard to answer. Almost every bubble machine has a different size of the bubble solution reservoir. The bubble machines created for kids have the small reservoir and it is usually around 10 oz. This type of machines requires frequent refilling, but if this means that the kids will have unforgettable fun, than it is worth of it.

Semi-professional and professional bubble machines have a bigger reservoir and they can work a few houres without refilling. Again, you have to think carefully about what kind of parties you will organize. If it is just for your kids fun, you should choose something that won’t be too expensive but again good enough to survive kids demands.

What kind of options do the bubble machines have?

Most of the bubble machines created for everyday use, and the simple ones for kids, have the ON/OFF switch as the only command.

The professional machines can have timer remotes or wireless remotes. This is the good option if the machine will be part of some stage and you won’t be able to come close to it once you find a perfect place for the machine (if it is on the stage you will probably ruin someone’s performance ).

Are the bubble machines loud?

People expect for bubble machines to be loud and to interfere with the sound of music during the parties. But that is wrong. Most of the bubble machines creat sound similar to a hair drier. Many of them are even quieter than the hair drier. This feature probably will be determined with the price. The more money you spent on the machine, the more great characteristic you will get on your new toy ( bubble machine ).


Besides all the wishes that we might have, the most important factor that will influence your decision is the price of the bubble machine. We always recommend spending a little more money in order to save it in the future. If you buy cheap ones, they will probably stop working after a short time, and you will have to buy another one. This way, you will probably reach the price of the expensive machine in a short time.

We like to say „ I am not rich enough to buy cheap things“.