Clarity Large Button Wireless Phone For Senior Citizen

Clarity Large Button Wireless Phone For Senior CitizenClassic plain cordless phone – but with a new twist, tailored to your specific needs.

For over 40 years Clarity is bringing top-notch solutions to the ones that need it the most – hearing impaired, elderly and all people with severe hearing loss. The true beauty of this model lies in its simplicity.

Don’t worry, with this model you will be up to date with all happenings. Hearing the voices of your loved ones in high quality – Clarity, as its name says, can do that magic for you.

Let’s see some specs and benefits… The design is stylish and elegant, a little bit plain.

The large buttons with numbers are the best part.

Large display has a caller ID and with high contrast – you will never miss an important call. From standard options, you will get 10 memory buttons for speed dial, phone book where you can memorize 100 contacts. You can choose between 10 clear melodies and 6 levels of volume.

A most important aspect of this model is that you can amplify audio up to 40 decibels, without losing any quality of the sound. This model is incredibly easy to use and comes with a comprehensive customer support. It is a pretty simple model with basic options but if you want the pure and high-quality sound and stick to classic – opt for this cordless phone for elderly.