Serene HD Cordless Phone for Elderly

Serene HD 40dB Amplified Talking Cordless Phone for ElderlyCheck out this cordless phone for elderly, designed with one main goal – to help the ones in need to have a normal daily routine.

This amplified cordless phone is designed for those with mild to moderate hearing loss and low vision – don’t let everything ruin your precious moments with your family.

Serene HD with talking caller ID is chatty as well, it will announce every caller on English or French. Oh, la la!

And it doesn’t stop there. Enhanced big buttons can ‘’talk back’’ to you making sure that you’ve pressed the right number. What is also great with this model is a contrast – buttons of this models are light colored and bright, opposed to the dark color of the entire phone.

High definition sound is what makes this model stands out from the others. This phone is always a great choice for Christmas gift for your parents – it will provide you with flexible communication and very easy use.