Uniden Big Button Cordless Phone and Digital Answering System (EZAI2997)

Uniden Big Button Cordless Phone and Digital Answering SystemNext, we have this Uniden Cordless phone with big buttons and digital answering option.

They say ‘’go big or go home’’ – and you can’t go bigger than those buttons or LCD display…And you are in the comfort of your own home. So that is quite a deal for you, you got the best from both worlds!

If you don’t feel like talking that day – don’t worry, this model could help you with avoiding unwanted calls. Some phones can do that magic for you – to answer instead of you when you simply cannot deal with the rest of the world.

Now let’s see some specs of this model- it is expandable up to 6 handsets. As we mentioned it is built up with a digital answering system with 14 minutes recording time and adjustable playback speed.

Just like models before – sound could be amplified up to 20 DB and it has adjustable audio tones. Opt for this model and organize your time as you wish.