Best Leather Padfolios Buying guide and Reviews

Best Leather Padfolios
Best Leather Padfolios

Top 10 Best Leather Padfolios

Image Name Reviews Our Rating
1 Wundermax Padfolio Portfolio with Bonus Writing Pad, Professional Interview PU Leather Padfolio with Zippered Closure, Interior 10.1 Inch Tablet Sleeve Wundermax Padfolio Portfolio with Bonus Writing Pad REVIEW 9.8
2 Samsill Contrast Stitch Leather Padfolio Portfolio Folder Business Portfolio for Men Resume Document Organizer Samsill Contrast Stitch Business Leather Padfolio REVIEW 9.8
3 Royce Leather Aristo Padfolio Royce Leather Aristo Padfolio REVIEW 9.8
4 STYLIO Padfolio Resume Portfolio Folder Interview Legal Document Organizer & Business Card Holder With Letter-Sized Writing Pad Handsome Piano Noir Faux Leather Matte Finish Accent Stitching STYLIO Padfolio/Resume Portfolio Folder REVIEW 9.6
5 Leatherology Deluxe Portfolio - Full Grain Pink Leather Leatherology Deluxe Pink Portfolio/ Padfolio REVIEW 9.5
6 Executive Leather Padfolio, Custom Engraved Business Case - Made in Italy Executive Unique Business Padfolio – Made in Italy REVIEW 9.5
7 Interview Resume Document Organizer. Internal Holders For iPad Tablet up to 10.1 in, Phone Document Organizer & Holders For iPad Tablet REVIEW 9.4
8 Handmade GENUINE LEATHER Business Portfolio by Rustic Handmade GENUINE LEATHER Business Portfolio by Rustic REVIEW 9.4
9 Royce Leather Aristo Padfolio Royce Leather Aristo Padfolio REVIEW 9.2
10 Wundermax Padfolio Portfolio Executive Leather Padfolio - Bonus Wallet, Bookmark & Notebook - Professional Gift for Business, Interview, Resume Wundermax Padfolio Portfolio Executive Leather REVIEW 9,1

Leather padfolios buying guide – everything you need in one place

The business world today is a complete jungle, it is really easy to get lost in the sea of different documents. If you are a beginner this idea might sound very scary. But don’t worry, in this article, you will learn the secrets of business world survivors. The secret of surviving the hectic business world is (drum roll, please) great organization skills of course.

Choose right high end leather portfolioNot sure where to begin? Well, start with decluttering your own personal space. The second thing is that you need to act and move fast – things in the business world are changing in the blink of the eye so you must learn to improvise. Survival of the fittest mode is always on. And one important aspect is that you need to have everything by your side – what if you need some important document right now and you are not sure where it is. Or you need to write down something important but you have no idea to find a pen or paper. Those are rookie mistakes.

If you attend a business meeting not properly equipped you will be missing …a lot. So what is the ideal solution to keep everything in place, well organized and always available? Of course – leather padfolio …because let’s face it, you are still not such a big market player to hire a personal assistant right away. No, you are at the beginning, a scary place filled with job interviews and strange questions. And you need to show only your best assets.

We will go through some of the best benefits of owning one leather padfolio and what are the most important aspects when you are choosing one. One proper job interview, for example, couldn’t go as smoothly without padfolio. In that padfolio, you stored all the little treasures you are really proud of. You know you need to secure your position in the new company – in person. So you need to have everything by your side to leave a lasting impression.

Great padfolio will demonstrate your organization skills

Before you even speak on a job interview just a little glance on you can demonstrate everything about your organization skills. I mean maybe you put that famous ‘’ great organization skills’’ into your resume but it things are messy…Well, you didn’t get a job. So, the important aspect is to be prepared for every case scenario possible. Great organization skills need to be on your side – so you need to have an extra copy of your resume for your interviewer, cover letter, and some recommendation letters.

So padfolio can keep everything safe and in place. You will make sure you haven’t forgotten about any important detail. If everything is perfectly sorted and match with everything you are talking about – you have a big plus in the eyes of your future employer. The great organization can open many doors.

Size and structure

A size does matter – when you are choosing your own, personal padfolio you need to think about the size. You need something effective with just enough space to fit all your necessities. But it doesn’t need to be too big and not to fit your bag or briefcase – it would be a horrible baggage for you. It is great to be for example letter size.

When it comes to structure, everyone has their own wishes for a perfect padfolio. But it is very simple – you need to have large pockets to fit for example your resume or cover letter, phone or tablet holders to keep everything snuggled and safe. Notepad and pen are more than desirable, just like a few pockets where you can fit business cards and ID. With all that in place – you have an anatomy of the ideal padfolio. With this in mind, you will find a model that suits you the best.


Based on your preferences you can choose your own and unique style. If you are young and at the very beginning of your business journey you don’t want something over the top. Start with simplicity, always. Choosing a simple and effective black leather design is always a great thing.

You can leave a lasting impression of style and substance even with a simple model. And once you prove your qualifications and skills and you get more experience – you can opt for different models, for example, handcrafted ones, with your own initials. We are all brands in the end – you need to learn to sell your brand effectively.

Versatile look

As we mentioned before – if you are in the hectic business world you can be loyal to who you are. Yes, you are a young professional, full of ideas and you can wait to share your vision with people who think alike. But of course, this doesn’t mean you need to be boring and look like copy-paste candidate. Your high end padfolio can follow you wherever you go but it can also match your style. We know that black, white and brown are considered classics in the business world.

But if you are looking for something different and funkier, to leave your own personal signature – that could be arranged. Burgundy color will leave an impression of the passionate individual with the great will to work and great leaders. If you bring something new to the table – you will make people remember you.

Your business cards

Business cards are not a thing of history. It is a great way to share your contact information with people on corporate events or meetings. Yes, we all have mobile phones and tablets and we could easily memorize everything you need in a few steps. But business cards can do that work more effectively. You can store your own business cards in the pocket of your own business padfolio.

This will give a lasting impression to people you are communicating with – and you have a unique opportunity to be remembered. People will instantly remember what you were talking about your business plans, about your startup ideas. And it is most likely that you will get an important call that will open many doors to new markets. All thanks to the first aid kit, little thing called leather padfolio.

Leather padfolio could be a thoughtful present to ones who think about bright future

Cool padfolios to gift someoneIf you are thinking about what to buy for your future graduate. When you look into their bright eyes all you can see our hopes and dreams. You want to see them becoming a reality. But you know what that means – work, work, work and a lot of effort. So, buying their first leather padfolio is always a great idea. If they want to know how the world is functioning, they need to start from the basics. A great organization is always a very foundation of everything – so you need to start from yourself. Once you are organized you know you can fit into every environment and in any corporate culture.

Safety is always important

Safety is always an important topic when it comes to everything. We can’t skip this part. Leather padfolio is a very practical thing, whoever invented it should get an award. Why? People subconsciously forget everything that seems boring and uninteresting. It means papers. Tons and tons of papers. And then, after some time you need that one important paper or the entire world will go down in flames. You start panicking and hyperventilating – and the document is lost. With padfolio this won’t happen to you-you can keep all your important documentation in one place safely tucked in.

Also, great padfolio can keep your phone or tablet safe. Today’s touch screens are extremely sensitive to everything. Not to mention the trauma of losing your phone. All those contact and login info are vulnerable in case of losing your phone. High quality leather padfolios mostly come with two zippers so you can be sure that everything is in the right place. Also, you will never forget your passport or plane ticket and you will avoid unpleasant situations. Everything you need is secured and in one place, ready to pack and go. Your own personal first aid business kit.

Never miss an important detail

As we mentioned before, the devil is always in details. So you need to always be ready to write everything down. I know this sounds a little bit old fashioned but when you are on some important corporate event or business meeting, you need to craft that specific skill of selective hearing. If you hear something that could be helpful for you – write it down. If you have an important meeting -write it down. You don’t want to get in that situation where you need to act fast and you are missing a pen or paper. Leather padfolios have integrated notepads or sticky notes. I know that you trust your memory but sometimes you could be wrong and it could lead to some sticky situations. So better trust sticky notes then got stuck in sticky situations.


Leather padfolios can do a very nice magic for you-you can shine on that important job interview, you can communicate your business vision better and most importantly – keep things in place. If you want to look professional you need to have one. So don’t hesitate, find your perfect model – handcrafted, for left or right-handed or in your favorite color. The only sky’s the limit.