Handmade GENUINE LEATHER Business Portfolio by Rustic Town

Rustic Town LEATHER Business Portfolio

High quality leather business notebook padfolio

Handmade GENUINE LEATHER Business Portfolio by Rustic Town Durable Leather Padfolio with Sleeves for documents and notepadThis model comes with:

  • It is a handcrafted model made out of only the premium and genuine leather. It combines the old-school charm and grace. Size of this model 13.4 x 9.8 x 1.6 inches so it can fit in every environment.
  • Function and style combined in one unique model. It can, for example, fit iPad Pro 9.7″ snuggly with convenient and safe pockets for documents, business cards & resumes. It also has a writing pad and a pen.
  • Durability and even more durability – we all tend to be lost in the neverending sea of papers. This can be really frustrating but this model can help you with keeping everything tidy.

Talk about rustic style. It looks like something from the Victorian era but it is modern and stylish at the same time.

Check out this model, combining the best from both worlds. It looks elegant and retro but it could fit all your new gadgets, tuck them in and keep them safe from any damage.

Rustic style founded its way into the business world and it is here to stay. This notepad portfolio model proves the point.

This handmade leather notepad holder represents an ideal present for everyone who likes something different. The business world doesn’t necessarily mean boring – it’s about how daring are you.

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