Personalized Leather Padfolio Custom Engraved Business Case – Made in Italy

Personalized Leather Padfolio Made in Italy

Best unique professional padfolio

Best unique business padfolio from ItalyWe have one more from the beautiful land of Italy… Italian style stands for handcrafted miracles, a mesmerizing smell of leather…it will instantly make you feel like a smooth gentleman. What makes this model unique?

  • This model is handmade and it comes from Maruse, Italy which is famous for original works. When it is created with the pure passion – you can see it and feel it.
  • This model is for gentlemen only. Sorry, ladies! But of course, you can buy this Maruse padfolio for your special man. It is available in a few different colors: honey, brown, custom brown, navy and of course, black.
  • It is crafted especially for you – it will have your own initials as its unique trademark.
  • Metal Zip-Around Closure – 8.5-Inch x 11-Inch Elegant Lined Writing Pad Included. This model has 2 inside pockets with card business holder and block notes

You like to leave the fast pace of the business world to the younger ones, you been there and you know your place.

And you are here, at the very peak of your career and you can’t wait what is the next challenge for you. For those men who know their own worth and they are ready to demonstrate it to the rest of the world.

You like keeping things cool and in perfect order, you know how important are the elegant details. Always leave a lasting impression with this unique padfolio, it will always be by your side.

Your business cards will always be in the right place when you need to make a new contact

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