Venom Universal Motorcycle Wheel Tire Chock

Venom Universal Motorcycle Wheel Tire Chock Self-locking Bike Stand ChocksNext model on our list is a venomous one… Just like the most venomous animals in nature, this model is also pretty much tempting, with vibrant colors and fancy looks.

But no worries, this model is here to improve your safety!

With a combination of orange and black, you will be instantly drawn onto it. Aside from good looks, what does this model have to offer?

Let’s see – it is larger than standard models. It is compatible with most 17 inches to 21 inches wheel, with 2 adjustment points at cradle &. It is constructed of high-grade steel.

Venom Universal Motorcycle wheel tire chock is designed for securing motorcycles upright for transporting, maintenance, and storage. It will lock a front tire keeping it in the upright position as long as needed.

It could be used for every flat surface possible. To release the bike from its strong embrace – pull back on bike and chock will automatically release the wheel.