CCNN Ultrasonic Dog Repeller

CCNN Anti Barking Ultrasonic Dog RepellerCheap and relatively effective, this pretty thing can be used to either train or scare a dog.

It is quite easy to use and it fits everywhere. I found out that it is quite popular among those people who don’t deal with angry dogs every day. That is so because it consumes batteries very fast and that is something that people who use this kind of product generally dislike. That doesn’t mean that it is not effective.

This device has a mod that will simply annoy the dog to stop barking. It can also just make a dog run away.

Still, its reviews are mixed and people are generally displeased when it comes to its effectiveness on a long range. On a close range, it works well, while it doesn’t perform always so well on greater distance.

If you want to scare a dog or two who prowl your street, you would want to use this product. If you want to scare a pack of wild dogs in less urbanized areas of your town, you might start looking for something else.