First Alert Bark Control Device

First Alert Bark Genie Handheld Bark Control DeviceI mostly know about this one by hanging out on various internet forums where people often talked about dogs, repellers and other similar things.

Although it has solid rates, I can’t rank it better than this because I haven’t seen it in action. Still, most of the people who talked about it said nothing but praise.

It safe for dogs and one guy even said that he doesn’t even need to go out and calm his dog who is hanging in the yard. All he needed to is to stand near the closed window and point the device towards the dog. Such performance definitely deserves praise, but what about its “cons”?

It turned out that is works on a short range (up 10, maybe 15 feet away) and it consumes batteries at a steady rate. Still, it is not expensive and it works well.

Most of the people who praised this device were quite experienced in handling dogs, so I trust their opinion.